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Some student feedback can be found below:

  • "A vast amount of actual experience to draw from, and used it extremely well to bring the course material to life." – J. Anderson.
  • "Bill did a phenomenal job in relating real world experiences with the PM theories, as well as matching the diverse skill set in the class."– N. Anjaria.
  • "Exceeded expectations. Best instructor I have ever had, hands down!" – B. Armstrong.
  • "Great course! Presented a lot of great experiences and tips. Very clear and easy to understand. I will go back to my office and apply what I have learned." – N. Beaudoin.
  • "Great practical info and answered all questions perfectly. The course was fantastic, I did not want it to end." – P. Blanchette.
  • "This course was very helpful as it I am new to projects and I can now apply and understand the process and terminology." – J. Boland.
  • "Bill had a calm, easy going delivery manner that was easy to follow." – C. Brear.
  • "An excellent look at the basics of Project Management. This can be used both at work and in my personal life." – D. Cameron.
  • "Very satisfied. Bill is interesting to listen to. Very knowledgeable." – N. Carisse.
  • "Excellent course, confirmed information I am doing is correct, provided information to manage a project more effectively. Excellent Job!" – N. Chambers.
  • "Absolutely wonderful. Understood the material and presented it in an interesting approach." – K. Chandler.
  • "I found that this course will really help me in acquiring skills that will be useful for all my future projects." – L. Charbonneau.
  • "Excellent person and a good human being." – L. Chaudhary.
  • "Instructor did a great job. Excellent course!" – E. Chouinard.
  • "Fantastic at keeping things interesting." – J. Cosgrove.
  • "Instructor spoke with clarity, plain language, great examples, using a pace which is easy to follow. One of the best instructors I have had to date anywhere." – C. Cudahy.
  • "A very pleasant person. Instructor is knowledgeable and wants to impart knowledge. Ran course excellently. A first rate instructor." – M. Day.
  • "Bill Stewart was the best thing about the class. With real-world examples, humour, and in-depth knowledge regarding project management, he really made a foundation class relevant." – S. Deboer.
  • "Instructor delivered the course very well. Excellent real world cases to help understand the material. Good pace of info." – D. De Silva.
  • "His demeanor reminded me of Mr. Rogers... calm, gentle, helpful, kind, wanting you to succeed and wanting to impart his knowledge and experience." – J. Douglas.
  • "Instructor was excellent. Probably the best instructor I have had with any course since coming to Ottawa six years ago." – S. Faulkner.
  • "Bill Stewart is one of the best instructors I have had on any of the courses I have taken." – L. Featherstone.
  • "In over 20 years this was probably the most relevant course I've taken." – R. Gaudet.
  • "Bill Stewart is probably one of the best instructors I've had." – M. Gignac.
  • "Very knowledgeable and shared his experience which was invaluable. Very well prepared and presented." – A. Gill.
  • "Very good real world examples and suggestions that we can apply right away when going back to work." – D. Glasberg.
  • "Great teacher, lots of interesting real world examples." – D. Godin.
  • "One of the most impressive instructors I've had to date. Was a true privilege to learn from Bill." – B. Gordon.
  • "Bill Stewart was outstanding. Direct and to the point. Help sort the FACT from the FLUFF." – M. Griffin.
  • "Excellent course, useful in daily activities. Great instructor, good discussions." – F. Gualtieri.
  • "Very pleased with the instructor, his logical flow. Even when specific items were presented I always knew where we were in the PM process. Also, wonderful review of key material." – W. Jackson.
  • "Instructor was very straight edge and provided many life experiences / work experiences to compliment the course he taught." – R. Joachim.
  • "Very effective in presenting the material. Kept the material interesting with real life experiences." – R. Labelle.
  • "Clear and helpful to understand how the formal process works. Bill is an interesting and approachable and knowledgeable instructor." – J. Lalonde.
  • "Very valuable real life example, very respectful towards students, and takes the time to assist during exercises. One of the best teachers, thanks!" – B. Laniel.
  • "Bill was great... very informative and use of examples throughout the course was great." – L. Lepage.
  • "Thanks to Bill for the great time spent learning from his experiences as a Project Manager. I enjoyed the more "human side" of some of the course material. Nice break from all of the hard knowledge." – Anne Martel.
  • "Excellent instructor kept you interested, brought real workplace experiences. Really knew his stuff." – S. McCullough.
  • "Well run course, instructor was excellent. I gained a lot from his real world experience." – J. McDonald.
  • "This was a great course and I would definitely recommend it to others." – R. McGarry.
  • "Fantastic! Amazing!! Best course I have ever taken because of Bill!!!" – M. McHale.
  • "Best instructor by far from all the courses I have taken. More than simply surface information." – J. Morand.
  • "I really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course and the interactive lessons. Very helpful." – K. Nangle.
  • "Found this course eye opening for my own job and for the levels above me which I aspire to reach in my career development path." – Sheila Narasimhan.
  • "The PMBOK was applied in an easy to use fashion. Bill Stewart is an excellent instructor. He uses practical examples and possesses a lot of insider knowledge for the PM industry." – C. Newton.
  • "I appreciated the real world experience. His feedback on the team exercises made the class more interesting and very effective for helping us to learn the concepts." – D. Oickle.
  • "Great instructor." – A. Pauly.
  • "Very good instructor, make course interesting with real life examples." – C. Pham.
  • "Bill was excellent and funny and should not be afraid to use even more of his humour in his delivery." – Kristin Price.
  • "Instructor was great; delivered an informative and interesting course." – C. Powers.
  • "Excellent course. I would attend one of Bill's courses in a heart beat!" – D. Olivieri.
  • "Bill was awesome, knows his stuff, interesting to listen to." – C. Prevost.
  • "Great course. Great teacher, I really enjoy that the teacher shares his experience with us. I learned a lot from it." – L. Raymond.
  • "What I enjoyed most was all the practical information that the instructor provided that I could easily incorporate into my daily work activities. I found Bill to be the best instructor I have had by far." – S. Rebeiro.
  • "Amazing teacher." – B. Riopelle.
  • "Extremely professional and knowledgeable instructor. Do not change anything – you are doing an excellent job!" – A. Ristic.
  • "I would highly recommend this instructor to anyone interested in Project Management." – B. Robin.
  • "Excellent course. Bill Stewart was excellent!" – M. Roy.
  • "I enjoyed the instructor's quiet enthusiasm and obvious comfort with the material." – P. Scagnetti.
  • "Thanks for the great course. Bill is one of the best instructors I've ever had!!" – C. Quimper.
  • "Content was very useful for my current job, in that I can immediately apply the tools." – J. Seguin.
  • "Excellent exercise on estimation of time and cost. Also excellent examples of real work use." – T. Sellers.
  • "Bill was great and his examples were very interesting. I would take another course by him again. He make the course very interesting." – C. Shea.
  • "Bill was excellent. Lots of experience and great teacher." – C. Sincennes.
  • "Bill is an excellent instructor. I have many 'take aways' based on the real world experiences that he provided. Thanks to Bill for giving me the "light bulb" on some of the PM theories." – L. Slot.
  • "Very well informed instructor who was able to keep the class engaged in learning." – K. Tersteeg.
  • "One of the top teachers I have had at this level." – G. Theriault.
  • "Bill Stewart's use of analogy for the subject matter was bang on. Personable and well presented." – R. Trafford.
  • "Excellent course that exceeded my expectations. Well-informed, experienced instructor. Liked the real-life examples. Came out of the course with 9 action items to apply when I get back to work." – P. Trethewey.
  • "Bill Stewart was very informative and helpful to clarify concepts. Great teacher!" – C. Trottier-Vogelsang.
  • "Bill was awesome. I would definitely attend any course he taught on Project Management." – R. Tucker.
  • "The instructor was very approachable, strong in his presentation skills, incredibly knowledgeable and always provided interesting and relevant work examples. He was by far the strongest instructor that I have encountered." – E. Urbas.
  • "Mr. Stewart's extensive PM experience make him an ideal instructor for this course." – H. Venter.

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